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RULEX 300mm triangular scale ruler From £1.96 exc. VAT

RULEX 300mm triangular scale ruler

Product Overview

300mm Rulex triangular scale ruler - custom printed with your company design. Rulex rulers can be completely customised to your specific requirements. For example you can pick and choose the scales shown along with the colour they're printed in. You also have the option of having a coloured strip down the centre of each side for no extra cost. Each ruler has a small Rulex logo included in one of the scales and is supplied in an individual clear rigid perspex case.

  • Product number: 0821.14
  • Variant:
  • Qty:  Min Order: 25
  • Custom Artwork: (optional)
    Vector EPS file required. If you choose not to upload your artwork now, you can contact us later to discuss it with us.

Product Description

Promotional 300mm triangular Rulex scale ruler with bespoke scales:

Rulex scale rulers can be printed with your choice of bespoke scales (metric or imperial or a mix of both), tailor made to your specific requirements.  When ordering, simply tell us the scales you'd like your rulers to feature (a small Rulex logo will be included within one of the scales).

Our standard scales are shown below, you can either pick and choose from these, or specify ones that are completely different.

Side 1 - 1:1, 1:10 & 1:2, 1:20.

Side 2 - 1:5, 1:50 & 1:100, 1:200

Side 3 - 1:1250, 1:2500 & your print design

Rulex triangular scale rulers are supplied in individual rigid perspex cases


Rulex scale rules are manufactured in the UK for accuracy

The Rulex range is printed using full colour digital printing.  Print area: 300mm x 7mm

All set up charges and carriage (to one UK mainland address) are included.  VAT is extra.

Prices (per unit in £ excluding VAT)

RULEX 300mm triangular scale ruler 25501002505001,000
Printed full colour along one edge4.613.502.652.162.031.96